Oct 07 2010

My presentation to a Senate Committee on the future of Health IT

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Tom Munnecke at Senate Veterans Affairs Hearing Oct 6, 2010

I presented at the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs: Hearingsyesterday.  My presentation starts at about minute 60 on the video.

Here is my written testimony and here is my invitation letter from the Senate and here is a written copy of my oral testimony .

It was an interesting experience for me, getting to spend some quality conversation time with 4 senators.  Senator Akaka in particular impressed me as someone who was really interested in the democratic process.

I supported the move to Open Source Vista, but also warned that this was a medical informatics problem, not just a general IT problem to be thrown in the basket with all the other IT problems of the VA.

I also suggested moving to a personalized model for future care, thinking that this would simply much of the complexity around trying to integrate VA and DoD records.  I like to think of getting VA and DoD to work together is like mating elephants, only they are both alpha males.

One of the overarching themes of the hearing was the notion of doing small, incremental work, rather than “big bang” gold-plated requirements.  I was quite pleased with VA CIO Roger Baker’s perspective on this issue, although I worry what will happen when he leaves, and the passive/aggressive bureaucrats return to their old ways.  They are just hiding out in the bushes, waiting to pop up again when things are clear.


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